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User's reading permissions

If you want to grant reading permissions to many users to some publications, you can do it by adding reading permissions in bulk.

If you want to know more about the general requirements and specifications, please, check it: Bulk Operations.

Example file here.


  • The file must be a CSV (comma-separated values).

Columns details:

  • user_email: required if user_external_id is null, is the email of the user. If you don't have an external_id for the user, you can use an email.
  • user_external_id: required if user_email is null, is a unique identifier for the user. If you don't want to use an email for the user, you can use an external_id.
  • issue_external_id: required, is a unique identifier for the issue. This could be also the ISBN that you added before.
  • granted_up_to: optional, in case the user has a publication valid to a certain date, it must contain the date in “year-month-day” format (2019-04-28).
  • revoke: optional, is you want to revoke a publication for an user, you can set it as a boolean with the following values: 0 or 1. Also, you can let empty this field, the default value is 0.