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What it is.#

Medusa Automations as we use to call it, is a service that allow us to publish your content automatically depending on certain configurations and your needs.

How it works.#

The service search and retrieves files from an specific path in an AWS S3 bucket, process them and creates publications automatically according to a predefined scheadule. If triggered manually it can also update publications that have been already published.

This is a simple view about How it Works:



So far, we can only create and update PDF publications. EPUBs and Audiobooks are not supported.

How to configure your automation#

You can configure the system to publish your content automatically in three simple steps

  1. Contact and ask for access to the AWS S3 Bucket.
  2. Upload your files following the naming convention(see below)
  3. Fill the following FORM with information about your configuration (more details below)

Naming convention#

When uploading your files they should be compliant with the following naming convention:



  • prefix: Is the short name of a some edition or short name to identify a group of the publications. Example: LT.
  • yymmdd: Is the date of the file, it means, yy two digits of the year, mm two digits of the month and ddtwo digits of the day. Example: 200309.
  • xxx: If a publication comprises multiple files you must add here the page number. In the case the file is a complete publication you just need to add 000

For a publication with multiple pages:

  • LT-200309-001.pdf
  • LT-200309-002.pdf
  • LT-200309-003.pdf

If there is one file that contains all the pages, it should be something like this:

  • LT-200309-000.pdf

Config file#

To setup your automation, we need you to upload a file in the LINK. The file must be in the format .csv and contain the following columns:

FilenameName of the file as present in the FTP
Publication nameName of the publication
FolderName of the folder where the files are grouped
PrefixPrefix of the file
EditionName of the edition
Publishing timeHour when the publication must be done
Publish DaysDays when the publication must be done
Early Access fromStart of the early access time window
Early Access toFinish of the early access time window